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On this site you can find a wealth of information about the Italian real estate market, a summary of the relevant regulations, details about real estate taxes, and much more.

If you need a personalized consultation, please book a free interview.
We will discuss what you are looking for and your needs, and see how we can help you.

Our work is divided into two types:

We will accompany you through the home purchase process, once you have selected your desired house through till the notarial deed is complete.
We will check the documents relating to the property and verify that there are no mortgages or other prejudicial causes on it. We will help you understand the cost for the deed of purchase, and how much you will pay in the following years for local taxes, as well as if there are any architectural or historical constraints, and any other important highlights.
This service has a standard cost of $ 800.

Property Finder
If your intention is to buy a house in Italy but you have not yet chosen one, we can help you find a suitable property in the area of your interest.
After a careful and scrupulous market assessment, we will be able to offer you various solutions suited to your personal needs.
We will carry out a cost assessment for your benefit through an in-depth comparison of the prices in force on the market, check relevant real estate registers to ensure the certainty of the purchase, as well as in-depth checks on the energy performance of the property. North-West Italy Only 
We will be your tutor until the final purchase deed is before the notary.
All you have to do is follow us to visit the chosen property.
The cost for this service will amount to 2% of the purchase price of the house.

We Provvide this service only in Piedmont , Liguria , Valle d´Aosta regions .

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