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Agents, lawyers and accountants who can help you buy a house with absolute safety.

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By contacting us we will provide you with useful information, free of charge, to help you consider your move to Italy and understand how the Italian real estate market works


The first step will be an interview in which we will explain how the real estate market in Italy works and share information about the process of buying a house as a foreigner

Taxation info

We will provide you with all the useful information regarding the Italian taxation (Irpef, Imu, Tari or Tarsu) and the advantages provided by law

Info for Residency

How to register your residence in an Italian city, costs of insurance companies, and duration of your free health care access

Info on Getting a Visa

We will also give you all the information on how to obtain a visa for Italy


We will provide you with information on tax breaks for those who perform construction and renovation on their residence. These tax incentives range from 50% to 110% depending on whether the work performed is renovations or energy efficiency improvements. Many incentives exist. If a house needs work, don’t rule out the purchase

What We Can Offer
for a Fee

If needed, we can help you select a place to move to, based on the type of environment you prefer. Seaside, hills or mountains, as well as the quality of life of the city, the cost of living, and available transportation networks. Next, we will assist you with a customized service to choose the property. We will also arrange independent appraisal of the property as well as a viewing of the premises, working with you until the purchase is complete. We will assist you in the management of paperwork from the acquisition of the residence to everything else that might be necessary. In the end we will show you some companies specialized in international moving. Our service start at $ 3,000 to $ 4,000. Final price will be determined based on on whether you just want assistance in the purchase of a house, or also in the steps to transfer residency to Italy.

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